Going back four years ago. Why the Medlov’s ended up in Sochi during the 2014 Olympics

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Everyone wants to know what Dmitry ended up in Sochi.  Well, I pulled this excerpt from the book that might bring it the forefront of everyone’s minds.  Take a look and let’s start up a discussion.

chateau in Prague

(Excrept from Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen, Copyright by Latrivia S. Nelson and RiverHouse Publishing)

Dmitry smiled softly and sat back in his chair.  His eyes narrowed in on his son.  Rubbing his hands together, he sighed.  “So, lay it out, Anatoly.  Why should I come back, even if it is for just little while?  You see that I have both of my hands full here.”  His smile disappeared and the lines at the sides of his eyes showed more and his age was suddenly apparent.

“Papa, this is an opportunity unlike any other,” Anatoly said, changing gears.

“I’ve said that about each and every opportunity that has come my way.”

Anatoly sighed.  “This is unlike anything that we’ll ever be offered again.”

“How so?”

“Disgruntled Soviet Spetsnaz with 200,000 AK47 military grade weapons ready to sale in three weeks to the highest bidder along with ammunition and tactical gear.”

“200,000?  Impossible.”

“I thought so, too.  But it’s the truth.  They released photos and video of goods, but of course they kept location to themselves.  They are having meeting of minds tomorrow on Bardzecki’s yacht that’s docked right outside of Sochi.”

“Why Sochi?”  Dmitry immediately thought of the bridges that he had burned permanently there.

“The liaison who is facilitating the sale is coordinating this via Bardzecki, who is not a bidder but gets large fee to get us all together tomorrow.  It’s only open to established Russian organizations and bosses.  The Spetsnaz won’t sale to anyone else, which is why only mostly Vor were contacted.”

“Why not Kerch?  I have good contacts and good relationships in Kerch.”

“Papa, they specifically said Sochi – no other cities.”

Dmitry thought for a minute.  “I don’t like it.”

“The council said that you wouldn’t, that you would pass. But I know that this is good deal, and I need you to have faith in me.  Once I do this deal, I have no more limitations.”

“Where are you going to get the capital to pay for this?”

“I have it.”

“So, why do you need me?”

“Because, they said that only established Vory are allowed. I’m not credible yet in those circles.”

“Nonsense. You are my son, you are boss…”

“I am not even 30 years old, papa.  They don’t take me seriously when it comes to moving this type of product, but they will if you come with me.”

“Have you even considered that this could be set up?  If not, one word for you. Troika.  20 members led by Petrov arrested in Majorca in one day.  There are countless other ambushes.  One incident was even aboard a yacht.”

“Papa, I’ve done my research.  Sorrello gave me his contacts in Eastern Europe.  I talked to a man in Georgia who is working with the government there but is employed by the US.”

“Sorrello is less than dependable.  I was al-most charged in Memphis, because of his bumbling.  I had to spend a fucking fortune.”

“Well, he’s come through lately for me.  There is no bust.  However, there will be surveillance.”

“The predecessor of bust.”

“I have plan.”

Dmitry raised his brow.

Anatoly took a deep breath.  “There is minimal surveillance, and we’re not who they are after.  Evidently, the liaison is high on some lists.”

“And you want to do business with him.”

“Yes.  I had some people to ask around, and these Spetsnaz are all trying to move the product ASAP.  They’ve been stockpiling it for years.  However, it became a little harder to do when Admiral Kurixdov retired.   The last of their little operations unit retired last week after twenty years of service in the Russian Navy.  This is part of their retirement plan – to sell off what they have been stealing for years.  They want to move it fast and get it out of the location that it was in, because evidently without the security clearance of the last man, they can’t get to it after next month.”

“I’ve never heard of an unpatriotic Spetsnaz.  It’s like oxymoron.  You are too young to know this, but they were instrumental to Russia during the Cold War.  These are true patriots to the country.  It’s like suggesting there is mole in CIA.  And I know there are no moles in CIA.”

“Well a few traitors exist, and they want to do business.”

Dmitry shook his head in disgust.  Even he had some morals. “And the liaison?”

“Bardzecki has vouched for him.  He says the liaison is not a Vor, but he is most reliable.”

Dmitry was impressed. This was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  However, what his son was asking could be treacherous to his already unstable marriage.  If he went back and Royal found out, he would surely face a predicament.

Legally Royal Stone was dead.  She had taken the first name of her dead sister, Chloe, was now known in all circles as Chloe Medlov and was a different woman than the one he once loved.

If they were forced to divorce, there would be no telling how bitter things could get, especially with Anya added to the equation.

On the other hand, if he did not go and oversee something as large as this deal, his son could get killed or arrested for not knowing  what to do and when. The decision would be a hard one no matter what.

He clasped his hands together and thought deeply and silently for a few minutes.  Anatoly waited without moving in his chair.  He had to have his father’s help.  There was no way possible to do this without him.

“What are you going to do about the surveillance again?” Dmitry finally asked with a furrowed brow.

“We’ll be on yacht, far enough off coastline to be undetected.  I know that it sounds simple, but all we have to do is change color of our hair.”

Dmitry looked up.  “What?”

“The Medlov’s are known as the Scandinavian Russians.  They identify us by our blonde hair and blue eyes.  For tomorrow night only, we change the color of our hair, just for the cameras. The guy who is doing surveillance works for us.”

“I’m seven feet tall. How do you plan to hide that?”

“There is no active investigation.  The pictures will be stored, improperly labeled – not used.  People will automatically assume that you are…”

Dmitry finished his son’s statement.  “Ivan.”

“Exactly and they’ll think its old footage.  I’ve been assured of it.”

Dmitry shook his head.  “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but before I do this, I’m going to have my men check on this.”

“I understand, but if you check it out and it’s legit, will you do this for me, father?”

Dmitry shook his head.  “Yes.”

Dmitry’s Royal Flush Comes back to Life during Sochi Olympics

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This book had been put to bed by many but picked back up during the Olympics at Sochi.  I can’t  help but pick it back up too considering that I wrote the book four years before the Olympics actually took place.  It’s fun though.  I love the fact that we are looking at the book at it’s characters.  So, until the Olympics are over, every day, I’ll share a little DRF with you for our own reading pleasure.

First we have to remember the Synopsis of DRF.  Here it is…

Dmitrys Royal FlushFrom the popular multicultural author, Latrivia S. Nelson, comes the highly anticipated second installment of the Medlov Crime Family Series, Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen. For Dmitry and Royal Medlov, money doesn’t equal happiness.  Forced to leave Memphis, TN and flee to Prague after a brutal mafia war, the couple nestled into the countryside to raise their daughter, Anya, and lead a safe, quiet life.   But when Dmitry’s son, Anatoly, shows up with an offer he can’t refuse, Dmitry is forced to go back to the life he left as boss of the most feared criminal organization in world.  Consequently, the deal could not only destroy the Medlov Crime Family but also Dmitry and Royal.  Royal hasn’t been the same since she was attacked three years ago.  Where she used to be a sweet, innocent girl, she’s now the jaded, bitter mistress of the Medlov Chateau.  However, a reality check is in store for the pre-Madonna when Anya’s new teacher shows up with her sights set on stealing Dmitry, and Ivan’s old ally shows up with his sights on killing him.  Can Royal save them all?  Will she? With a family in such turmoil, the only way to survive is to stick together.  Read the gripping tale of a marriage strong enough to stand the test of time as Dmitry realizes that he has the best cards in the house as long as he has a Royal Flush.

Mobster boss Aslan Usoya Dead

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Mobster boss Aslan Usoya, known as “Grandpa Hasan,” was shot to death after leaving a restaurant in Moscow.

One of Russia’s most notorious reputed mobsters was gunned down in the middle of Moscow on Wednesday in what appears to be a contract killing, police said.

Aslan Usoyan, 75, better known as “Ded Hasan” (Grandpa Hasan) was shot while leaving a restaurant in central Moscow, Russian state media reported. A woman passerby was also hit and is expected to survive.

Hasan was struck by a bullet from a high powered automatic rifle issued to Russian special forces, police said. The bullets came from a building across the street and shell casings were found scattered near the scene.

Hasan, an ethnic Kurd born in neighboring Georgia, presided over a massive criminal empire stretching across the former Soviet Union, trafficking drugs and weapons. He also owned businesses and casinos across the region.

Hasan was locked in a violent and bloody battle with another mobster, Tariel Oniani, the Guardian reports.

The two mob chiefs were fighting over territory and building contracts at a lucrative construction project in the Black Sea town of Sochi, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Hasan’s murder completes the “redivision of the criminal market,” a government source told Interfax.

Usoyan was a member of Russia’s notorious thieves-in-law, or vory v zakone, according to Georgia News TV. Members sport elaborate tattoos and follow unwritten prison laws passed down through the years from gulags (Soviet prisons).

The assassination was “probably the result of Aslan Usoyan’s conflict with ‘thieves in law’ clans headed by immigrants from Georgia,” a source told Interfax.

Hasan had previously survived an assassination attempt in 2010, the Guardian reported.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/russian-mafia-boss-shot-moscow-article-1.1241255#ixzz2OwVopmQt

Russian mafia boss killed in Sochi

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While Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen is a fictional story based on the fictional Medlov organized crime familyand  a major deal that goes down in Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Olympics, there was some real business that happened late last year in the posh resort in Russia. 

To keep things in perspective for readers, I copied and pasted a part of an article off of Mafia Today that talks about a real account.  Check it out below. 

Russian mafia boss killed in Sochi October 27, 2010 by Capo · Leave a Comment – Sochi – A Russian mafia boss was shot dead on Tuesday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Real estate owner Eduard “Karas” Kakosyan, 31, was gunned down near a gas station in the centre of town a month after another mafia chief and friend was shot and wounded, Interfax reported. Authorities are searching for two men in connection with the shooting, a police spokesman told AFP. Advertisement: Story continues below “The young men left the scene of the crime on a motorcycle,” the spokesman said. According to Russian media, Kakosyan’s death appears to be the latest in a series of shootings targeting mafia bosses jostling for a share of the Olympic construction windfall. Kakosyan was close to one of Russia’s top mafia bosses, Aslan Ussoyan, who was shot and wounded in central Moscow in September, Interfax reported. Ussoyan had clashed with other mafia groups over the division of a commercial empire linked to the construction of buildings for the 2014 games, the Kommersant daily reported. That empire was allegedly controlled by Zakhar Kalashov, considered the “godfather” of the Russian-Georgian mafia. Kalashov was arrested in Spain and sentenced in June to seven and a half years in prison for money laundering. Score settling in the grab for Olympic investments also accounted for the murder of yet another Sochi organised crime boss, Alik Sochinsky, who was killed last year in Moscow, according to Russian media. The future Olympic town has been transformed into a vast construction site, as workers begin erecting more than 100 structures, including a main stadium and an ice-skating ring. Source: AFP

Chapter Two: What would you do?

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Many women have nannies and teachers.  I have a very capable sitter, and I love her like family.  However, Royal wasn’t dealt the same hand.  She didn’t want a nanny, and she was given the “teacher from hell.” 

No matter what anyone says, women are the most territorial of all God’s creatures.  And if your dear hubby brought home a beautiful woman, gave her a room in your home and said that she was going to help rear your child, you’d probably revert back to some caveman instinct and rip him to the bone. 

In chapter two, we see several things.  (1) Anatoly is crazy about his little sister. (2) Dmitry is desperate for normalcy.  (3) Royal is no longer a complete push over.  (4) Victoria is going to be trouble.

What would you do if you were caught in this situation?  Would you give it a chance?  Would you give Victoria a chance? 

Dmitry really thought that he was doing the right thing.  He wanted to give Royal more time and have more time with her.  However, if you notice, Anatoly and Davyd thought that he was crazy.  Could it be that they knew that aspect of her personality better than her own husband?  Sometimes it’s true, the one who loves you the most (minus God) can’t see how something that they think is helping you is actually hurting you.

Now, I’ve heard everything from readers loving Victoria to people wanting her killed in the worst ways.  It’s so much fun to read all the fan mail.  I even read some of the horrid comments people make about the entire story just to get the other side’s perspective.  One woman told me that I was the worst writer that she’d ever stumbled up…but she had purchased both books (Yeah!).  I told her that maybe in time she’d grow to like my books, if not, I hoped that she stumbled across an author that she could actually stomach.

But to get back to the purpose of this blog entry, what would you do?  If your Dmitry brought home a Victoria, what would be your course of action? Would you welcome her and try to give her a chance or would you send her packing?

XoXo and all that jazz,


Enter Victoria – Villain or Vixen?

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Everyone loves a bad boy.  Everyone loves a good girl, but what happens when you combine a bad boy with a bad girl?  You end up with a spicy love scene. 

I’m sure you’ve all met her before.  She’s a beautiful woman with a cunning demeanor and clever tongue.  She gets what she wants and it’s normally more than anyone can afford.  She’s crafty and educated, but she brings a lot of baggage wherever she goes.  In a nutshell, she’s Victoria.

I had so much fun with this character.  Many readers wrote in to me completely livid that she was allowed so many “liberties” as one of my faithful readers in Dublin lamented.  However, I wanted to give the story a little edge. 

Victoria has many sides.  She’s a good worker.  She’s a good lover.  She’s a manipulative con artist and bit of a “recreational user”. 

My question to my readers is why do you hate her or lover her so.  I know my reasons.  I wanted a woman who was completely unreadable in DRF.  But what was your take as you read about her?  Did you want to tear her eyeballs out or did you dig her?

The Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen Train is finally on the move!

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It’s Time to Talk DRF!

Well, ladies, many of you have received your books by now and it’s time to start talking about each chapter and breaking down the characters. I’m so excited that we have moved to this point in the series, where we are have in-depth discussions about our favorite friends. If you haven’t already, please make sure to become a subscriber of the blog, so that you can have updates as soon as they are posted. Also whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to put in your feedback.

So, let’s kick it off. Today, we’re going to start the conversation off with the first chapter. Specifically, we are going to talk about Royal Medlov and her relationship on the manor with the staff, her family and herself. In chapter one, we see the cold side of Royal Stone. She’s obviously cranky and mean. But if you notice, she directs it more to Dmitry than her daughter, and sometimes when it regards him, it ricochets off of Dmitry onto other people, like Brigitte (for taking up for Dmitry) and Davyd (for getting her straight about her priorities).

However, I think it’s clear that her frustration is towards the man that she loves. I wanted to show in the first chapter that old habits die hard and old problems don’t always fix themselves. Like with any marriage, if you don’t address the problems, if you’re not open and ready to communicate, you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt many years down the line. Have you ever looked at your husband or significant other and instantly thought about something that could have been avoided if he was just honest? Now, let’s multiply that by about 100. Even though Dmitry could give her everything financially, there was something missing. What was it? Well, I don’t want to give too much of the story up, but tell me what your thoughts are?

Thieves-In-Books Change the Future of RiverHouse Releases Including Anatoly’s New Book

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Let me vent for a while, ladies, if you don’t mind.  I spent many months, weeks, days, hours on my work.  So, it pains me to no end when I see that readers purchase my book and then post it on illegal forums, even against 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).  Why a person would want to first pirate another person’s personal work, then pawn if off for free.  Needless to say, I’ve already contacted the FBI and my lawyers.  This upsets me very much and provides to me the understanding of that double-edged sword of technology.  While I have loved the Kindle, Nook and PDF capabilities, I’m not sure that it’s worth being the victim of other people’s inconsiderate and costly behavior. 

What are your thoughts? Have any of you ever experienced this with your own work or have you ever pirated?   Check out this story on CNN aobut Piracy.  We at RiverHouse are seriously taking into consideration some of the suggestions including choosing not to make books electronic from here on out….http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/01/01/ebook.piracy/index.html

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Drop Date Pushed Back to July 15th Due to Printer

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It’s a sad state of affairs for me ladies and gentlemen.  The book is complete, but the hard copy format will not be ready until July 15th.  Please world, do not be angry with me.  I’m working around the clock to provide some benefits in lieu of this horrid blunder.  Last time, the drop date was off by a month and half.  So, I’m happy to report that it’s just ten days later.  For many, it’s ten days too long.  So, I’m offering this:

However, you can still pre-order on my site (www.latrivianelson.com) starting tonight or on www.dmitrysroyalflush.com

Pre-order and you will receive a free PDF copy of the book for you to read until your book arrives.  I made the announcement tonight and have received great feedback from the readers.  Thanks so much for you all who have understood.  And I’m so blessed to have so many supporters. 

The good news is that the book will still be available on Kindle on the 5th!  You can also purchase the PDF format without the hard copy for $5 on www.dmitrysroyalflush.com.  So, if you don’t have a Kindle, like to read at work or home or prefer to laptop or desktop to pick up books, you won’t miss a beat.  For my hardcopy readers, the printer says that it could very well be back next week, but they’ve given me that date to be safe.  So, I’ll keep you updated. 

For all of those who receive the PDF, please send me your thoughts through the blog, facebook and email to let me know what you think (Latrivia@LatriviaNelson.com). 

And please Pray for me that I don’t jump off a cliffJ

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Introducing the Cover of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

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Let me be the first to say how proud I am of Kandace Tuggle,  our exclusive designer at RiverHouse Publishing, LLC for her fabulous work on the new cover for the much anticipated Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen book from the Medlov Crime Family Series.  We had a great conference call with the girls a few days back, where I told them that this would be coming.  Now, here it is as promised.

For me, when I see the cover, I know that the entire book is almost complete.  I always save the cover until the end to make sure that it really encompasses what the story is all about – mostly because I tend to deviate.

So, ladies, here it is.  We also have the site (www.dmitrysroyalflush.com)  , Twitter (HisRoyalFlush) and very soon Facebook. I hope  that you all are having a great day.  And don’t forget the drop date of July 5th.  More information will be coming out in the next few days.

Talk to you soon.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson


For Dmitry and Royal Medlov, money doesn’t equal happiness.  Forced to leave Memphis, TN and flee to Prague after a brutal mafia war, the couple nestled into the countryside to raise their daughter, Anya, and lead a safe, quiet life.   But when Dmitry’s son, Anatoly, shows up with an offer he can’t refuse, Dmitry is forced to go back to the life he left as boss of the most feared criminal organization in world.  Consequently, the deal could not only destroy the Medlov Crime Family but also Dmitry and Royal.     

 Royal hasn’t been the same since she was attacked three years ago.  Where she used to be a sweet, innocent girl, she’s now a jaded, bitter woman, who can’t be coddled by riches and luxury.  However, a reality check is in store for the pre-Madonna when Anya’s new teacher shows up with her sights set on stealing Dmitry, and Ivan’s old ally shows up with sights on killing him.  Can Royal save them all?  Will she?

With a family in such turmoil, the only way to survive is to stick together.  Read the gripping tale of a marriage strong enough to stand the test of time as Dmitry realizes that he has the best cards in the house as long as has a Royal Flush.

Overdue Report on Dmitry’s Royal Flush

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Good Day to all my friends in cyberspace.  I know that I have been nothing if not absent from you lately, but I’ve had the most difficult task of completing Dmitry’s Royal Flush and making sure that we price and package it at an affordable rate.  However, in the middle of the night, you all crossed my mind last evening and I said, “I need to tell my girls what’s really going on.”

Okay, so there are some very strange ( I REPEAT) strange relationships in Dmitry’s Royal Flush, that I think that you all will truly appreciate.  It’s always my desire to show both sides of the spectrum (good vs. bad, beautiful vs. ugly, rich vs. poor).  As we learn more about Anatoly, we start to see the distinct differences between his father’s seasoned reign as boss and his own reign.  You can clearly tell that Anatoly feels as though he’s living in his father’s shadow and has to do something to remove himself from the seven-foot silhouette that is always around him.

Plus, we meet Victoria.  I’m telling you now ladies, that you will hate her, but she is instrumental in the story.  She’s a needed pain in the you know what. 

I have received literally hundreds of emails from people concerned for Royal.  And I have to say that she has to have her own blog entry.  Life is working on Royal.  She has to realize what she has in order for her decide if she’ll allow herself to lose it or not.

And let’s not forget Dmitry.  Men tend to mellow with age.  We see that Dmitry truly was sincere about his desire to go off and have a family.  No matter if you’re a crime boss or not, your biological time clock keeps ticking.  So, the offer that he’s offered may or may not be what he wants. 

I’m hoping that this book will serve as a great transition from our story of Royal and Dmitry onto the young Anatoly.  The next book schedule to come out from the series is all about Anatoly and his reign as Medlov Crime Boss.  So, you’ll notice that he has equal time in this book.  I want you to get to know him better and see him grow as a young man.  After all, he’s carrying a lot on his shoulders.

Until the next blog post, take care.

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Older, Wiser, Calmer Dmitry Medlov?

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In Dmitry’s Closet, we witnessed several murders at our anti-hero’s hand.  Dmitry Medlov was a true crime boss who was a relentless leader who seemed to only fear the loss of love between he and his less than knowledgeable love interest, Royal Stone.   One of the major issues readers had with Dmitry was how brutal he and his family could be. 

Then the transition takes place.  Royal and Dmitry escape.  It’s three years later in the beautiful city of Prague.  Dmitry is no longer boss, and we see a change in his overall demeanor.  As father to Anya, husband to Royal, father and mentor to Anatoly and owner of a large chateau, we see him become more docile and focused on leading a calmer life.  His restaurant is nearly self managed, his finances have always been above par, so what is he to focus on but his family?

He has a very strong bond with his daughter, Anya, that becomes more pronounced mid-way of the book.  Also, he never gives up on what his relationship with his wife could be if they could only get past certain obstacles.  The problem is that Dmitry knows that all of anxiety that his wife is feeling boils down to being his fault. So while he’s trying to prove to her that she can relax, he also trying to forgive himself for what has been done.

For the most part, it appears that our anti-hero has become soft.  Anatoly is in his prime and anxious to prove that he is boss, but Dmitry has proven time and time again his abilities.  So he is a lot slower to get upset but when he does… my goodness.  We’ll witness Dmitry as age ripens him into a more fruitful human being but we’ll also see why he’s feared.  The

One of the things that I try to prove or disprove in this book is that you can teach an old dog new tricks but it doesn’t mean that he’ll use them.  The question in Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen is will Dmitry Medlov strike back and how brutally, when people start to take his kindness for weakness.

Using the Five Senses: Bringing Dmitry’s Royal Flush to Life

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Last night, I had a glass of scotch, turned on my IPod, let the window up and just before sunset, I started to type on my perfectly cleaned desk with a crystal vase filled to the brim with red roses in view to remind me of what love can look like.   I sprayed a little of his cologne to remember what love can smell like.  And then I closed my eyes and typed to remember what love can feel like.   

I had to set my five senses on fire to get through the scene, and it made me recall a conversation that I had with my own Dmitry not to long ago.  He asked me, “what allows you to recall or create all of these spectacular stories?”  My answer was simple.  “The ability to recreate what you love about something or use your imagination to create something relatable.” 

I could write about what it would be like to live on Mars, but no one on this planet would be able to identify.  They would simply read and possibly enjoy a good story.  But when you write about LOVE, about attraction and lust, you know that most women have experienced this on some level and the reading of romance books allows us to recreate our experiences and explore new ones.

For instance, the scotch put me at ease and made me think about the last time that I had scotch with a guy (go Adam go).  The IPOD was playing music that evoked thoughts that multiplied by the second and put me in the mood to write.  The fresh air and the flowing curtains while I typed created energy, and the sunset was my ultimate muse.  And like a true psycho I am, I talk while I type.  So, it sounds like there are several people in there with me while I work.

So what was I typing about that required so much prep?  Reconciliation.  Do you remember reconciling with someone you loved?  Remember his cologne or the way that his lips curved when he said “love you”.  Do you remember the feeling of wool when it’s rained on, because you hugged him in the rain and felt his ichy coat as you held him?  Remember what it’s like to wait on a red eye carrying precious cargo?  Remember the sound of rain against the window seal or the smell of fresh, clean bed linen as your nose plants into it? 

It is this kind of recollection that allows me to write with passion a true reconciliation scene.  Tears on a pillow.  Lips on hot skin.  Nails against a headboard.  Cologne on stockings.  Withered rose petals on a disheveled bed.  These are all things most women can identify with and the feelings, the memories evoke happiness and yes, sometimes melancholy.  But they evoke emotion.  And that’s what I’m going for, so ladies enjoy.  It’s all coming from somewhere…deep.

Remember Dorian? The Real Villain of DRF.

•April 12, 2010 • 4 Comments

I had to let you know before we moved too far away from the subject that the super villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush is not some harlet.  It’s actually a man with a damned good reason to be very, very angry….

Excerpt from Dmitry’s Closet:

Dorian was an expatriate of neighboring Sochi, Russia with a healthy appetite for building dirty bombs. His father had been from Africa and his mother a quiet Muslim woman and native of Sochi. Dorian had been a rebel during many of the conflicts in Georgia and had since his teenage years, very much like the Medlov boys, been involved in organized crime. Ironically enough, Ivan met Dorian through Dmitry, but not in an amicable way. Over a decade before, Dmitry sent Ivan to kill Dorian, but when Ivan arrived in the city of Tbilisi, Dorian paid him well to allow him to keep his life. The secret was maintained for a couple of years. And Ivan thought it was all water under the bridge when they left permanently to work for the Vory in the states. However, their scandal was still uncovered. Dmitry later found out that Dorian was not dead and discovered the $3.5 million American dollars that Ivan was paid only after Dmitry came in contact with the man in New York by chance. Small world. In retaliation of Ivan’s willful defiance, there was a bloody fall out between the brothers that landed Ivan in the hospital with his neck cut open and his wife dead. Dorian was smart enough to sneak out of the city and hide away in Thailand until it all blew over. Now, he was back to ensure that Ivan’s final stand against his brother had a fighting chance.

Dorian’s not a good guy, but he’s not the worse. Something of a holy man, refusing to drink alcohol or eat swine, a studier of Jewish and Muslim religion and a paid henchman for hire, Dorian’s mysterious and sexy allure becomes a lot more poignant in the next installment of the Medlov Crime Family Series.

In Dmitry’s Closet, he flew from Russia to Memphis to do one thing – kill Dmitry. However, there was one thing that Dorian was not fond of – hurting Royal. While he had never met her, all the pictures had proven that she was just a hard working woman in love with the wrong man. She was nothing like Ivan’s late wife, Ari Medlov and nothing like either of the Medlov men. So, he was completely against Ivan ravishing her as part of his master revenge plan.

Dorian was one of the few men from Ivan’s side who did not get caught in the blood downtown Memphis coo. Now, he’s the back in Dmitry’s Royal Flush: The Rise of the Queen and he’s playing for keeps. His years of grief for Ivan’s deeds to “an innocent” finally cease when the trail from Anatoly leads him straight to Royal. Imagine his happiness to discover she is alive and actually survived the horrid things that were rumored to have happened to her.

With his eye on Royal, his intentions will only be revealed in a secret meeting between her and her husband’s arch enemy. Will Dorian fall for her charms? Will Royal save the family or destroy it?

The NEW Villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush

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Everyone is wondering who will be the villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush, and I’m happy to report that her name is Victoria.  She’s a beauty hailing from DC by way of the Dominican Republic with eyes for Dmitry and Royal’s crown.  I wanted to introduce an exotic beauty with a clever attitude and killer curves.  I came up with a sultry, dark-skinned diva with a clever way to climb up the “corporate ladder.”

Victoria comes in as a “teacher” for Anya, against Royal’s wishes.  However, Dmitry is set on providing Anya with only the best.   Plus, he hopes the new time Royal will have will help mend their relationship. 

We all know that the way that we “meet” our man is sacred.  If you met him in the grocery store, you don’t want to even see him talking to another woman in the produce section (near your precious apples, where you first laid eyes on him).   If you met him on the Internet, you don’t want to see him racing up to his computer to send emails.  If you met him at the club, he don’t want to see him sitting intimately at the bar. And if you met him through your job, you don’t want some exotic babe teaching your daughter.

At every point in any relationship, new people are introduced.  We work with other men and women, live near other men and women and even socialize with the other sex.  It will be interesting for all to see how Royal deals with having Victoria in the home.

Everyone wants to know if Dmitry will cheat?  Only the pages will tell.  However, I’d like to hear your input.  Would you ever allow a nanny, teacher, babysitter, etc. in your home to teach your child?  How would you react?

Quote from Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen:

“Victoria Jackson was a tall, dark and strikingly beautiful.  Her perfectly toned milk chocolate skin gave contrast to the designer winter white wool suit cut to fit her long slender body and brought out her bright brown eyes.   She radiated style and elegance with erect posture and apparent social grace that Royal chalked up to her being from a good family and having a good education, which had been on two of Dmitry’s prerequisites for this position. “

Connecting My Many Blogs: Picking One Place To Post Everything

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Colored cityI have a small shop; I’ll admit it. But I listen to each and every suggestion with a serious ear.  Lately, I’ve been getting emails from readers wanting several things (1) one website (2) one blog (3) fan page on Facebook.


Great news is that I’m working on each one of those items.  Bad news is that it’s going to take me at least a month to get it all done.  However, you can’t eat an elephant in one big bite…you know that whole saying.  So, the first step that I’m taking to streamline everything so that you don’t have to run all over the Internet looking for me is our blog.
In the past, I’ve found that not all readers are created equal. Some like to talk about the Medlov family and some like to talk about The Lonely Heart Series and others like to Ivy & Nicola.  So to keep the discussions separate, I always started a new blog for a new book.  However, now that the books have become 15 in total, then I think I need to bring us all together.  Power in numbers, right?


So that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Starting today, all blogs will be posted on one site.  www.latrivianelson.wordpress.com.   This will allow us the opportunity to keep all conversations together and maybe even provide more insight.  Now, I will not deactivate old blogs, because your previous shares on there and they are priceless, especially comments from  our late, great Rhonda Scales.


I hope that this new move brings us all closer together to share and be merry.


So in essence, if you haven’t joined the above mentioned blog, please, pretty please do so:-)
XoXo and all that jazz,
Latrivia S. Nelson



The World In Reverse by Latrivia S. Nelson (c) RiverHouse Publishing, LLC 2010 (via The World In Reverse)

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Ladies of the Medlov Crime Family Series, may I also present Nicola’s new book, The World In Reverse. http://www.theworldinreverse.wordpress.com.

Nicola Agosto has always lived on the right side of the law, but to truly serve the just in the biggest case of his life, he’s forced to cross into a world where he must become a criminal and a killer before he can become a Saint. A pedophile ring has set up shop in Memphis, Tennessee.  Children are abducted and found dead.  But what is the link?  The murder of a recent set of twins that remind him of his own sons pushes him to make a promise to … Read More

via The World In Reverse

Falling In Love With A Friend: Insight Into Anatoly Medlov (via The Official Blog Of Anatoly Medlov)

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Falling In Love With A Friend: Insight Into Anatoly Medlov The big question that continues to come up is “Will Anatoly Get With Renee.”  Well, I refuse to give the story away, but I will talk on the subject.  In this book, it is really important to me to show readers a more intimate side of Anatoly and his journey during a period in his young adulthood where is he forced to grow more as a man and a boss of The Medlov Crime Family.  One of the major points of focus is to show the friendship between Anatol … Read More

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Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (via The Official Blog Of Anatoly Medlov)

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Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign Anatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family’s history.  Now, he has to prove himself to a council, who thinks his legacy has not been well-earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt. Nicola Agosto of the Memphis Police Department and during a plot to destroy him by his ex-lover, Victoria.  In his loneliness, the only one he can confide in is the shop girl, Renee, an old friend who knows more than anyone about … Read More

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