Remember Dorian? The Real Villain of DRF.

I had to let you know before we moved too far away from the subject that the super villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush is not some harlet.  It’s actually a man with a damned good reason to be very, very angry….

Excerpt from Dmitry’s Closet:

Dorian was an expatriate of neighboring Sochi, Russia with a healthy appetite for building dirty bombs. His father had been from Africa and his mother a quiet Muslim woman and native of Sochi. Dorian had been a rebel during many of the conflicts in Georgia and had since his teenage years, very much like the Medlov boys, been involved in organized crime. Ironically enough, Ivan met Dorian through Dmitry, but not in an amicable way. Over a decade before, Dmitry sent Ivan to kill Dorian, but when Ivan arrived in the city of Tbilisi, Dorian paid him well to allow him to keep his life. The secret was maintained for a couple of years. And Ivan thought it was all water under the bridge when they left permanently to work for the Vory in the states. However, their scandal was still uncovered. Dmitry later found out that Dorian was not dead and discovered the $3.5 million American dollars that Ivan was paid only after Dmitry came in contact with the man in New York by chance. Small world. In retaliation of Ivan’s willful defiance, there was a bloody fall out between the brothers that landed Ivan in the hospital with his neck cut open and his wife dead. Dorian was smart enough to sneak out of the city and hide away in Thailand until it all blew over. Now, he was back to ensure that Ivan’s final stand against his brother had a fighting chance.

Dorian’s not a good guy, but he’s not the worse. Something of a holy man, refusing to drink alcohol or eat swine, a studier of Jewish and Muslim religion and a paid henchman for hire, Dorian’s mysterious and sexy allure becomes a lot more poignant in the next installment of the Medlov Crime Family Series.

In Dmitry’s Closet, he flew from Russia to Memphis to do one thing – kill Dmitry. However, there was one thing that Dorian was not fond of – hurting Royal. While he had never met her, all the pictures had proven that she was just a hard working woman in love with the wrong man. She was nothing like Ivan’s late wife, Ari Medlov and nothing like either of the Medlov men. So, he was completely against Ivan ravishing her as part of his master revenge plan.

Dorian was one of the few men from Ivan’s side who did not get caught in the blood downtown Memphis coo. Now, he’s the back in Dmitry’s Royal Flush: The Rise of the Queen and he’s playing for keeps. His years of grief for Ivan’s deeds to “an innocent” finally cease when the trail from Anatoly leads him straight to Royal. Imagine his happiness to discover she is alive and actually survived the horrid things that were rumored to have happened to her.

With his eye on Royal, his intentions will only be revealed in a secret meeting between her and her husband’s arch enemy. Will Dorian fall for her charms? Will Royal save the family or destroy it?

~ by Latrivia Welch on April 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Remember Dorian? The Real Villain of DRF.”

  1. Ms. Nelson thank you so much for adding so much chocolate to the new book. With a new man coming in, I can tell this is going to be juicy. Is Royal going to fall under his temptation?

  2. Hi Tazmine,
    Yes, Dorian is a brother with a lot of swagger:-) I love that word. However, I’m sure you know the bond between Royal and Dmitry is something amazing. We’ll see if they are really tested or just get pissed off. However, temptation is not going to be easy.


  3. Looking at that picture posted of Dorian, I can only say one word…HOT!!!!!!!!!! When I read a book, I generally tend to have a biased opinion of the hero and heroine staying together, but it never hurts adding much needed spice to ones relationships. You are an amazing writer and all I can say is keep up the good work.

    • I’m hoping to make Dorian a little more real in this book. You’ll see him as an attractive man with influence into how thing will play out with Royal and Dmitry. It’s going to get hot in here;-)

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