The NEW Villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush

Everyone is wondering who will be the villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush, and I’m happy to report that her name is Victoria.  She’s a beauty hailing from DC by way of the Dominican Republic with eyes for Dmitry and Royal’s crown.  I wanted to introduce an exotic beauty with a clever attitude and killer curves.  I came up with a sultry, dark-skinned diva with a clever way to climb up the “corporate ladder.”

Victoria comes in as a “teacher” for Anya, against Royal’s wishes.  However, Dmitry is set on providing Anya with only the best.   Plus, he hopes the new time Royal will have will help mend their relationship. 

We all know that the way that we “meet” our man is sacred.  If you met him in the grocery store, you don’t want to even see him talking to another woman in the produce section (near your precious apples, where you first laid eyes on him).   If you met him on the Internet, you don’t want to see him racing up to his computer to send emails.  If you met him at the club, he don’t want to see him sitting intimately at the bar. And if you met him through your job, you don’t want some exotic babe teaching your daughter.

At every point in any relationship, new people are introduced.  We work with other men and women, live near other men and women and even socialize with the other sex.  It will be interesting for all to see how Royal deals with having Victoria in the home.

Everyone wants to know if Dmitry will cheat?  Only the pages will tell.  However, I’d like to hear your input.  Would you ever allow a nanny, teacher, babysitter, etc. in your home to teach your child?  How would you react?

Quote from Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen:

“Victoria Jackson was a tall, dark and strikingly beautiful.  Her perfectly toned milk chocolate skin gave contrast to the designer winter white wool suit cut to fit her long slender body and brought out her bright brown eyes.   She radiated style and elegance with erect posture and apparent social grace that Royal chalked up to her being from a good family and having a good education, which had been on two of Dmitry’s prerequisites for this position. “

~ by Latrivia Welch on April 12, 2010.

33 Responses to “The NEW Villain of Dmitry’s Royal Flush”

  1. NO! Dmitry should not cheat but he is a man who has needs. Compromise poistion yes; no intercourse or oral sex but kissing and few hugs but she is the villian so I know she is going to make it seem like he did cheat. Also a male villian is need. One of Victoria minon someone does what she wants. Please please don’t forget….its about to be a what “GIRLFIGHT!” Especially when woman go after your man and he is a good man. DAMNSLIPPER you got to cut a bitch at least put her in her place.
    If you do have someone taking care of your child(ren) let that person knew what would happen if she or he cross the line. But if the spouse cross the line you must think and plot your next move and ask yourself what can you live with unfaithful spouse???

    • I love it, Cinquetta. Wow, you guys make me want to post several chapters instead of one, but trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed. I will be posting the synopsis at the end of the week. So, you’ll know more about who the male villan is, but don’t worry about that either. You already know him:-)

      “DAMNSLIPPER you got to cut a bitch at least put her in her place.” I LOVE IT!!! We know that Royal is gangster already. So, let’s just see what the newly uppercrust sister does when she really gets upset!!

  2. I have to agree with Cinquetta about drawing a line with a female working for my husband. Since Dmitry has been deprived of his husbandly rights he would have to be a strong man not to find comfort in Victoria’s arms. Royal even hinted at Bridget that she can provide Dmitry with something in the first chapter. Could Royal find fault if she is willing to give Bridget to Dmitry if she isn’t willing to give her husband his due?

    • Denise,

      Maybe the new employee is just what is needed to put a little spice back in the bedroom, maybe not. Royal needs to get on her job, right?!!! To think of a good man like Dmitry going to waste is such a shame. She needs a reality check and Victoria is it!! Don’t worry about Briggy, she’s a friend of sorts. Plus, she’s got some other things up her sleeve!!!

  3. Please please don’t let him cheat it would just be devastating please don’t !!!!!!!! Please!!!!

    • Stay strong, JeVon. I know how you feel about Dmitry, but I promise you in the end they will survive:-) Let’s say that you were in the story, would you try to tempt him? Come on, tell us. I would, but I’m like that.

  4. AlsoFaldo just to say I have to agree with Cinquetta here is an idea for the book a stiletto heel upside her head!

    • Yes, you know that she could do it and nothing at all would happen. Trust me in the words of Cinquetta, it’s going to be a “girlfight”!

  5. I”M ok with him being tempted. It would not be realistic if he wasn’t. Remember… his only huMAN.

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  7. Ok, Royal already shot and killed some for touching her sister. So, imagine if someone touches her man!!! Whatever goes down between Royal and Victoria it has to be juicy!!!! 🙂

  8. One more thing, Dmitry isn’t gonna let anything happen to Royal. So, I think Royal should just kill da bitch..:)..I did not just say that, did I 🙂

    • When I wrote the scene for this, I was on fire. I think it will be interesting to see what kind of woman Royal really is considering that she won’t get in trouble no matter what she does. It’s not going to be pretty!!!!

  9. OMG!!! I can’t wait to read this. Does Royal unleash some of this fury on Dmitry? I’m alittle afraid for him now, she already stabed him once. lol

    • Royal does unleash some on Dmitry. You have to read it to see what happens. It’s one of the better scenes in the book:-)

      • OMG!!! I can’t stand it..My mind is racing. I hope she don’t hurt him to bad. I love Dmitry and I don’t want to see him get beaten up by a I can picture Royal coming home and finding Dmitry and Victoria in some kinda compromised situation.. and Royal unleashing her OMG..I cant wait to get this book. 🙂

  10. Latrivia,

    I would slap that bitch in her mouth for not doing what she was hired to do- teach the baby, not try to make another one with the daddy. If Royal doesn’t go oops upside her Goddamn head Imma loose all freaking respect for her and go to wherever they are and try Dmitry my damn self. She need to beat the hell outta that bitch and then kill her ass slowly…

  11. I don’t think I would be so upset if she just wanted to give Dmitry a good time, cause everybody is gets tempted at some point and time. But watch, this simple bitch is gonna try and take Anya and turn her against Royal too. I don’t like stuff like that. But it’s okay, I have faith in you Latrivia. I know you’re gonna make sure that bitch has a hole in head, some tracks missing, or something.

    • The anger is understandable. I think that we all want a true relationship where the men are as faithful as the women. Plus, the house is sacred. To have a woman living there, helping with children that you’ve birthed and going after the protector of your home would cause a reaction like “a hole in the head, some tracks missing or something.” If it were my house, it would probably be worse. I think we as women are territorial, even more so than men. So, we’ll see the claws come out. I hope you’re ready Andrea:-)

  12. OMG!!!OMG!!! Andrea D. WORD!!!ROFLMAO. Stomp that bitch w/ some steal toed boots.

  13. I can’t wait,

  14. I loved Dmitry’s Closet so much that I find myself mentally pacing like a crack fiend waiting for my next fix. I must admit that I’ll be truly disappointed if Dmitry is tempted by this chick (let alone actually let things go too far) considering how much he loves his wife. But alas…do your thing, Latrivia.

  15. Mrs. Nelson I enjoyed your first book and I’m waiting anxiously for the follow up. As for Royal’s new nemesis I’ll say this. Most of my friends joke around and call me the “alpha female”. I don’t play, so if that was me, Little Ms. HotPants would find herself in the ICU with her jaw wired shut attached to various tubes. But if you don’t take care of what is yours there is always someone waiting to step in. So maybe this is what their marriage needs, so that Royal can finally realize what she has.

    Blessings and keep up the good work.

    • Negrita,

      You are absolutely right. We have a lot of alpha females on this blog and the women have all agreed that Victoria would be “hurtin” by the end of the story if they had anything to do with it. My goodness, I can’t wait for us all to be able to sit down on a conference call and discuss it. So much fun!

  16. I’m actually crossing the days off on my calendar here at work and every day that the drop date approaches I get excited. I intend to spend that evening reading the book on my Kindle and I don’t want anyone to disturb me at all. No phone calls, text messages or internet.

    • Well, Negrita.

      I want to hear from you the next day while it’s fresh on your brain, what you thought (likes, dislikes). 910-539-9393. My readers can and do call me all the time. I’m so blessed to have such large group of spirited women with such unique and strong opinions. Feel free to do so.


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