Using the Five Senses: Bringing Dmitry’s Royal Flush to Life

Last night, I had a glass of scotch, turned on my IPod, let the window up and just before sunset, I started to type on my perfectly cleaned desk with a crystal vase filled to the brim with red roses in view to remind me of what love can look like.   I sprayed a little of his cologne to remember what love can smell like.  And then I closed my eyes and typed to remember what love can feel like.   

I had to set my five senses on fire to get through the scene, and it made me recall a conversation that I had with my own Dmitry not to long ago.  He asked me, “what allows you to recall or create all of these spectacular stories?”  My answer was simple.  “The ability to recreate what you love about something or use your imagination to create something relatable.” 

I could write about what it would be like to live on Mars, but no one on this planet would be able to identify.  They would simply read and possibly enjoy a good story.  But when you write about LOVE, about attraction and lust, you know that most women have experienced this on some level and the reading of romance books allows us to recreate our experiences and explore new ones.

For instance, the scotch put me at ease and made me think about the last time that I had scotch with a guy (go Adam go).  The IPOD was playing music that evoked thoughts that multiplied by the second and put me in the mood to write.  The fresh air and the flowing curtains while I typed created energy, and the sunset was my ultimate muse.  And like a true psycho I am, I talk while I type.  So, it sounds like there are several people in there with me while I work.

So what was I typing about that required so much prep?  Reconciliation.  Do you remember reconciling with someone you loved?  Remember his cologne or the way that his lips curved when he said “love you”.  Do you remember the feeling of wool when it’s rained on, because you hugged him in the rain and felt his ichy coat as you held him?  Remember what it’s like to wait on a red eye carrying precious cargo?  Remember the sound of rain against the window seal or the smell of fresh, clean bed linen as your nose plants into it? 

It is this kind of recollection that allows me to write with passion a true reconciliation scene.  Tears on a pillow.  Lips on hot skin.  Nails against a headboard.  Cologne on stockings.  Withered rose petals on a disheveled bed.  These are all things most women can identify with and the feelings, the memories evoke happiness and yes, sometimes melancholy.  But they evoke emotion.  And that’s what I’m going for, so ladies enjoy.  It’s all coming from somewhere…deep.

~ by Latrivia Welch on April 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “Using the Five Senses: Bringing Dmitry’s Royal Flush to Life”

  1. I’m concerned about you having to recall too far out about the feeling of love. S neterpeniem zhdu otveta.

  2. Mrs. Nelson, I was just going to ask after reading your book how you knew so much about Russian culture and modern social phenoms like the Vory v Zakone? I was very impressed at how you showed an old world man of the mafia (Dmitry) and the modern new-age Vory v Zakone through Anatoly.

  3. I just finished your latest book Dmitry’s Closet and I cannot wait until your next book comes out. This is my most favorite interracial romance novel and it’s strange but it really like a completely different world. Please keep doing what you are doing. It’s amazing1

  4. Ok, I feel you Latrivia!! I know the Reconciliation scene after Royal stabbed Dmitry was simply freakin awesome. So, I have great faith that the scene when Dmitry and Royal reconcile will be HOT 🙂 I want to see Dmitry unleash his MAN POWER..Show Royal who’s mmmm mmmmmm 🙂

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