Chapter Two: What would you do?

Many women have nannies and teachers.  I have a very capable sitter, and I love her like family.  However, Royal wasn’t dealt the same hand.  She didn’t want a nanny, and she was given the “teacher from hell.” 

No matter what anyone says, women are the most territorial of all God’s creatures.  And if your dear hubby brought home a beautiful woman, gave her a room in your home and said that she was going to help rear your child, you’d probably revert back to some caveman instinct and rip him to the bone. 

In chapter two, we see several things.  (1) Anatoly is crazy about his little sister. (2) Dmitry is desperate for normalcy.  (3) Royal is no longer a complete push over.  (4) Victoria is going to be trouble.

What would you do if you were caught in this situation?  Would you give it a chance?  Would you give Victoria a chance? 

Dmitry really thought that he was doing the right thing.  He wanted to give Royal more time and have more time with her.  However, if you notice, Anatoly and Davyd thought that he was crazy.  Could it be that they knew that aspect of her personality better than her own husband?  Sometimes it’s true, the one who loves you the most (minus God) can’t see how something that they think is helping you is actually hurting you.

Now, I’ve heard everything from readers loving Victoria to people wanting her killed in the worst ways.  It’s so much fun to read all the fan mail.  I even read some of the horrid comments people make about the entire story just to get the other side’s perspective.  One woman told me that I was the worst writer that she’d ever stumbled up…but she had purchased both books (Yeah!).  I told her that maybe in time she’d grow to like my books, if not, I hoped that she stumbled across an author that she could actually stomach.

But to get back to the purpose of this blog entry, what would you do?  If your Dmitry brought home a Victoria, what would be your course of action? Would you welcome her and try to give her a chance or would you send her packing?

XoXo and all that jazz,


~ by Latrivia Welch on August 7, 2010.

One Response to “Chapter Two: What would you do?”

  1. Hell No not even if she is your mother, sister. cousin, or best friend, you don’t invited allow or give permission for another woman to stay in your home. Unless it for couple days than okay. I don’t understand someone needs a nanny cook or maid to say in the same house unless it is mansion. when affair start and they get caught first thing out of their mouths we didn’t mean for this to happen. Oh please, grow up and addmit your wrongs.

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