Going back four years ago. Why the Medlov’s ended up in Sochi during the 2014 Olympics

Everyone wants to know what Dmitry ended up in Sochi.  Well, I pulled this excerpt from the book that might bring it the forefront of everyone’s minds.  Take a look and let’s start up a discussion.

chateau in Prague

(Excrept from Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen, Copyright by Latrivia S. Nelson and RiverHouse Publishing)

Dmitry smiled softly and sat back in his chair.  His eyes narrowed in on his son.  Rubbing his hands together, he sighed.  “So, lay it out, Anatoly.  Why should I come back, even if it is for just little while?  You see that I have both of my hands full here.”  His smile disappeared and the lines at the sides of his eyes showed more and his age was suddenly apparent.

“Papa, this is an opportunity unlike any other,” Anatoly said, changing gears.

“I’ve said that about each and every opportunity that has come my way.”

Anatoly sighed.  “This is unlike anything that we’ll ever be offered again.”

“How so?”

“Disgruntled Soviet Spetsnaz with 200,000 AK47 military grade weapons ready to sale in three weeks to the highest bidder along with ammunition and tactical gear.”

“200,000?  Impossible.”

“I thought so, too.  But it’s the truth.  They released photos and video of goods, but of course they kept location to themselves.  They are having meeting of minds tomorrow on Bardzecki’s yacht that’s docked right outside of Sochi.”

“Why Sochi?”  Dmitry immediately thought of the bridges that he had burned permanently there.

“The liaison who is facilitating the sale is coordinating this via Bardzecki, who is not a bidder but gets large fee to get us all together tomorrow.  It’s only open to established Russian organizations and bosses.  The Spetsnaz won’t sale to anyone else, which is why only mostly Vor were contacted.”

“Why not Kerch?  I have good contacts and good relationships in Kerch.”

“Papa, they specifically said Sochi – no other cities.”

Dmitry thought for a minute.  “I don’t like it.”

“The council said that you wouldn’t, that you would pass. But I know that this is good deal, and I need you to have faith in me.  Once I do this deal, I have no more limitations.”

“Where are you going to get the capital to pay for this?”

“I have it.”

“So, why do you need me?”

“Because, they said that only established Vory are allowed. I’m not credible yet in those circles.”

“Nonsense. You are my son, you are boss…”

“I am not even 30 years old, papa.  They don’t take me seriously when it comes to moving this type of product, but they will if you come with me.”

“Have you even considered that this could be set up?  If not, one word for you. Troika.  20 members led by Petrov arrested in Majorca in one day.  There are countless other ambushes.  One incident was even aboard a yacht.”

“Papa, I’ve done my research.  Sorrello gave me his contacts in Eastern Europe.  I talked to a man in Georgia who is working with the government there but is employed by the US.”

“Sorrello is less than dependable.  I was al-most charged in Memphis, because of his bumbling.  I had to spend a fucking fortune.”

“Well, he’s come through lately for me.  There is no bust.  However, there will be surveillance.”

“The predecessor of bust.”

“I have plan.”

Dmitry raised his brow.

Anatoly took a deep breath.  “There is minimal surveillance, and we’re not who they are after.  Evidently, the liaison is high on some lists.”

“And you want to do business with him.”

“Yes.  I had some people to ask around, and these Spetsnaz are all trying to move the product ASAP.  They’ve been stockpiling it for years.  However, it became a little harder to do when Admiral Kurixdov retired.   The last of their little operations unit retired last week after twenty years of service in the Russian Navy.  This is part of their retirement plan – to sell off what they have been stealing for years.  They want to move it fast and get it out of the location that it was in, because evidently without the security clearance of the last man, they can’t get to it after next month.”

“I’ve never heard of an unpatriotic Spetsnaz.  It’s like oxymoron.  You are too young to know this, but they were instrumental to Russia during the Cold War.  These are true patriots to the country.  It’s like suggesting there is mole in CIA.  And I know there are no moles in CIA.”

“Well a few traitors exist, and they want to do business.”

Dmitry shook his head in disgust.  Even he had some morals. “And the liaison?”

“Bardzecki has vouched for him.  He says the liaison is not a Vor, but he is most reliable.”

Dmitry was impressed. This was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  However, what his son was asking could be treacherous to his already unstable marriage.  If he went back and Royal found out, he would surely face a predicament.

Legally Royal Stone was dead.  She had taken the first name of her dead sister, Chloe, was now known in all circles as Chloe Medlov and was a different woman than the one he once loved.

If they were forced to divorce, there would be no telling how bitter things could get, especially with Anya added to the equation.

On the other hand, if he did not go and oversee something as large as this deal, his son could get killed or arrested for not knowing  what to do and when. The decision would be a hard one no matter what.

He clasped his hands together and thought deeply and silently for a few minutes.  Anatoly waited without moving in his chair.  He had to have his father’s help.  There was no way possible to do this without him.

“What are you going to do about the surveillance again?” Dmitry finally asked with a furrowed brow.

“We’ll be on yacht, far enough off coastline to be undetected.  I know that it sounds simple, but all we have to do is change color of our hair.”

Dmitry looked up.  “What?”

“The Medlov’s are known as the Scandinavian Russians.  They identify us by our blonde hair and blue eyes.  For tomorrow night only, we change the color of our hair, just for the cameras. The guy who is doing surveillance works for us.”

“I’m seven feet tall. How do you plan to hide that?”

“There is no active investigation.  The pictures will be stored, improperly labeled – not used.  People will automatically assume that you are…”

Dmitry finished his son’s statement.  “Ivan.”

“Exactly and they’ll think its old footage.  I’ve been assured of it.”

Dmitry shook his head.  “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but before I do this, I’m going to have my men check on this.”

“I understand, but if you check it out and it’s legit, will you do this for me, father?”

Dmitry shook his head.  “Yes.”

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